Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's such a gross day...

I've basically spent my entire day sitting curled up in the nasty ugly pink chairs in my office reading, or doing some research-y type things on the computer or writing. Yes, I am writing again! Though I hesitate to say what I'm writing about, as I don't always (ok, like never) follow through on things of this nature. But I feel like, maybe, if no one really knows about it, if I just write down the stories I tell myself, then I might actually be able to finish it. Or, you know, at least get farther than 2 pages this time. But so far its good, I have characters, with names and descriptions and everything. I even sorta know where its going, I just need to figure out where it ends.... One step at a time, one step at a time.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

I totally fell off the wagon

So, I guess my "I'm gonna blog once a week" thing totally fell through. Oh well, I'm here now, that has to count for something right?

What's new with me you ask? Well, I'm started taking a jewelry design and repair course online. I figured if I wanted to actually find a new job I may have to get a few more skills or something; and with my degree in art I figured it couldn't hurt to try something design related. So I'm learning how to make pendants and rings, how to set stones and fix mounts and stuff like that. Hopefully this will lead to a new job, or possibly my own jewelry being sold in a store or two, or my etsy shop. I do have a friend from church that owns a jewelry store, so fingers crossed my stuff will at least me good enough for her to consider selling.

Along with this, we decided that it was time to actually get a desk and fix up my 'craft room'. Luckily my parents had a computer monitor that they weren't using so we were able to finally stop using the tv as a monitor and move the computer out of the living room. Now my craft room has become more of an office, but its looking pretty cool so far. We got a desk and desk chair from Ikea, and we spent most of yesterday after Ryan got home from work painting, so now my walls are a nice shade of grey and the wall at the back of the built in shelves is ruby red. Its all coming together nicely. I still have to sew some curtains and reupholster a couple chairs to put under the windows, but at least, if nothing else comes from all this crazy-ness, we get a pretty new room.